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Alexis Fermanis SIOR Director of Communications

SIOR and BOMA Release 2019 Industrial Standards of Measurement


Since 2001, SIOR and BOMA have been developing standards of measurements for industrial and flex buildings and their associated structures. These standards feature a single method of measurement for various spaces such as Building Service Area, Floor Service Area, and Inter-Building Area, and may be applied to single tenant, multi-tenant or multi-building configurations.

The new, 2019 Industrial Standards, replaces the 2012 standards, and provides step-by-step guidelines to assist in following the new format. The standards are also fully compatible with the International Property Measurement Standards.

The new concepts and methodology for measuring industrial buildings include the a new, unified method of measurement, replacing the previous Method A (Exterior Wall Methodology) and Method B (Drip Line Methodology).

  • Other features include:
    • Single Occupant and Multi-Occupant scenarios
    • Inter-Building Areas fully implemented
    • Capped Load Factor applied to individual occupants
    • Flexibility to separately disclose areas of interest
    • Major Vertical Penetrations at lowest level included in Rentable Area
The entire 2019 Industrial Building Standard Method of Measurement is available through BOMA and can be purchased here. SIOR members receive a 10% discount and can contact for the discount code. 



Media Contact
Alexis Fermanis SIOR Director of Communications