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Alexis Fermanis SIOR Director of Communications

SIOR Releases COVID Snapshot Sentiment Survey


SIOR recently conducted a member sentiment survey to assess market confidence and the statuses of transactions in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Nearly 500 members completed the survey across the globe, providing valuable insight into local conditions and national and global trends for office and industrial sectors. 

The data revealed that transactions are most commonly on hold, but a significantly large portion of SIORs still have deals on schedule, albeit moving at a slower pace than usual. Of those on schedule, many were within the industrial sector,  and in the South.

When asked for their level of confidence in their local markets, the majority of SIORs remain cautiously optimistic. The most common thread was the adoption of a wait-and-see attitude until stay-at-home orders are lifted or a vaccine is developed.

The office sector appears to be the most impacted by the pandemic. Concern for changes in spacing needs or requirements as a result of social distancing is high as many wait to see if new trends develop after remote-working assessments continue.



The SIOR Snapshot Sentiment Survey is a part of the SIOR Thought leadership Series, which aims to educate and ensure the continued growth and evolution of Commercial Real Estate. The Series features collaborations with the best and brightest minds throughout CRE to produce thought-provoking and educational content, research, and topic briefs. 


Media Contact
Alexis Fermanis SIOR Director of Communications