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SIOR Snapshot Sentiment Report

Fourth Quarter 2020 Report

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At the beginning of January 2021, SIOR distributed a newly revised Snapshot Sentiment Report combining previous sentiment survey questions with its longstanding Commercial Real Estate Index survey. This new Snapshot Sentiment Report combines data from both surveys into a more in-depth look at both recent quarter sentiments and how they match up with historical reports. SIORs are the elite experts and top producers in their markets and their opinions stated in this report are an excellent benchmark for the industry.

  • While overall confidence had been on the rise in the third quarter of 2020, SIORs reported a drop in market confidence in Q4 2020 to its lowest confidence since first reported in Q2 2020, noting a global confidence of 6.2 (out of 10) as opposed to 6.3 in the second quarter.
  • Although overall confidence dropped, transactions across the board are moving forward at an improved rate, increasing 42% from Q3, to a reported 67% of on schedule transactions in Q4. On hold transactions dropped in Q4, while the number of cancelled transactions remained around the same.
  • More SIORs (41%) reported that local economic conditions are having a more positive impact on their market in Q4, as opposed to 36% of national. Only 23% of SIORs said global economic conditions had a positive impact on their market.

The following data can also now be found in the Snapshot Sentiment Report:

  • Leasing Activity
  • Asking Rents
  • Vacancy Conditions
  • Subleasing Space
  • Development Conditions
  • Site Acquisition Conditions
  • Tenant Concessions
  • Investment Pricing Conditions



Download previous sentiment reports (PDF).