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Online education offered by SIOR provides cutting-edge, real-time training for the busy commercial real estate practitioner.

Here you can register for upcoming virtual sessions, access on-demand content, online learning courses, and more. You can also access past conference audio sessions by clicking here (login required).

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Online Courses

Ethics & Professional Standards

Meet the SIOR ethics education requirement while learning more about SIOR’s ethics, mediation, and arbitration practices. This class provides a broad understanding of the generalities in real estate ethics and professional standards as well as completes NAR’s REALTOR Quadrennial Ethics Training Requirement.

You'll receive the course within 24-48 hours of purchase.

Registration Fee:
Fulfillment of the Ethics Course Requirement for Earning the SIOR Designation

Webinars On-Demand

Future Proofing Your CRE Business Part 2: Economic Update

SIOR continued the new Quarterly Webinar Series: Future Proofing Your CRE Business with part 2: Economic Update & Forecast featuring Tom LaSalvia, PhD, Head of Commercial Real Estate Economist at Moody’s Analytics.


Tom LaSalvia, PhD | Moody's Analytics

SIOR Quarterly Webinar

2024 Tech Tools for Tenant Reps

Wondering if there are any software applications you could be using for your tenants in 2024? In this webinar, your fellow SIOR tenant rep brokers discussed the technology tools that are helping to revolutionize their practice. Watch live demos as they integrate these tools into their workflow, showcasing their efficiency and impact.

SIOR Tenant Rep Member Group

Future Proofing Your CRE Business Part 1: Rain Making

SIOR kicked off a new quarterly webinar series centered around "Future Proofing Your CRE Business." This Q1 webinar featured Mike Lipsey for a training session on "Rain Making & Selling by Phone 10.0." The ability to sell by phone is one of the greatest predictors of success for a broker. However, many brokers never manage to call enough prospects to win more business. Whether the obstacle is anxiety, poor planning, or gatekeepers, Mike offerered practical advice for making more effective sales calls to prospects. Start of the year right with this not-to-be-missed training opportunity!

Please note: This recording requires you to login using your SIOR account and cannot be downloaded, shared, or duplicated.


Mike Lipsey | The Lipsey Company

SIOR Quarterly Webinar

Forgotten Industrial Sites - Uncovering the Potential

The rise in construction costs, property values, and land availability can create challenges in the search for a perfect industrial site. Through a unique prototype design solution we can utilize the forgotten sites – those previously deemed topographically unsuitable for industrial development. Ware Malcomb’s panel of diverse market perspectives made up of architect, engineer, general contractor, and broker discussed how multistory technology is being used and how the challenge of finding optimal industrial sites can be creatively solved in land-constrained markets.


Frank Di Roma | Regional Vice President, Ware Malcomb
Luke Corsbie | Regional Director, Civil Engineering, Ware Malcomb
Michael Longo |Senior Vice President, CBRE
Jason Rich | Chief Executive Officer, Snyder Langston

Additional resources: Connect with the Panelists (PDF)

Ware Malcomb Webinar

What’s Your Pref.? How Preferred Equity Bridges the Gap on Refinancing.

The SIOR Investment Member Group was back for another engaging webinar that focused on preferred equity and financing opportunities. The panel, which featured both preferred equity providers and users, guided you through the intricacies of identifying and creating these opportunities and how they can help you get more deals done in challenging markets. They delve into the legal aspects of structuring preferred equity deals and gain valuable insights into the strategies involved in both smaller and larger transactions.


Louis Archambault, SIOR | Saul Ewing LLP
Eric Levy |  RealtyMogul
Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR | SVN | Angelic
Andrew Vantuyle |  BH Properties

SIOR Investment Member Group

Measuring Your Tech Appetite: How to Maximize Your Tech Investments

Leveraging technology in your deal cycle is no longer an option but table stakes. Between determining what kind of tech you need, how much, and where in the CRE deal cycle you should focus first – there’s a lot to sift through. And doing it on your own can be even more challenging. Thankfully, you’re not alone. In this session, SIORs discussed how to determine your current tech level and how to use tech to map out the deal cycle. After, they gave some recommendations you can implement today to set yourself up for success tomorrow.


Rick Chatman | Lee & Associates
Helen Calvin | Chief Growth Officer at Buildout

SIOR Innovation and Technology Committee

How to Succeed at and Make Money with Subleases

The SIOR Office Member group brought a panel of top Office and Industrial Tenant Rep brokers who shared their techniques for marketing sublease space with minimal loss to your clients, and maximum return on your time.


Walt Batansky, SIOR | Avocat Group
Michael Maroon, SIOR | The Acclaim Group
Stanford Scriven, SIOR | Northwest Tenant Group
Patrick Sentner, SIOR | Colliers
Marlene Spritzer, SIOR | Lee & Associates
Taber Thill, SIOR | Colliers

SIOR Office Member Group

Brokers Die Broke, Pt. 5: Going for Broke - Managing Investor Funds Across Properties 2024

The SIOR Investment Member Group was back for another engaging webinar that focused managing investor funds across properties. Expert panelists discussed their respective investment fund offerings, the structures they employ, and where investors for those funds come from. Discover the key differences between their funds.


Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR | SVN | Angelic
Jill Rasmussen, SIOR | Davis Healthcare Real Estate
Roy Splansky, SIOR | Venture One Real Estate

SIOR Investment Member Group

Build Trust with Your Network Using LinkedIn

Building trust with you network can’t just happened in-person or virtually. It must happen socially as well. Over one hour, learn how to use the premier social network platform for business, LinkedIn. During this session you will learn how to create a posting and prospecting strategy as well as how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.


  1. Establish your Professional Brand
  2. Find the Right People
  3. Engage with Insights
  4. Building Relationships

Featured Speaker:

Nick Luczyszyn, owner of Amplify Sales

SIOR Office Member Group

Brokers Die Broke, Pt. 4: The Alphabet of CRE Ownership Structures

The SIOR Investment Member Group is back for another engaging webinar that will focus on the alphabet soup of CRE structures, from Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST), Tenant in Common (TIC), Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Special Purpose Entities (SPE), and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and how to navigate and use them effectively. Expert panelists discuss how to determine what works best for you and your company, (or doesn’t), and how to assess their benefits for yourselves.

Click here to access the webinar slide deck.


Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR | SVN | Angelic
Michael Houge, SIOR | NAI Legacy
Brad Kitchen, SIOR | Alterra Real Estate Advisors

Sponsored by:
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SIOR Investment Member Group

Sale Leaseback... To the Future
Boost Your Future Income | No Flux Capacitor Needed

Expert panelists explore the diversity of sale/leasebacks: Institutional and non-institutional, product types, and credit spectrums covered.

  1. Typical motivation(s) of sale/leaseback sellers, including financing vs. operational considerations
  2. 30% Test and other accounting implications
  3. Pricing in the current market and crystal ball on near-term trends
  4. Impact of debt markets on current sale/leaseback environment
Click here to access the webinar slide deck.


Barry Moore, SIOR | Sago Capital
Kyle Gore | CGA Capital
Gino Sabatini | W. P. Carey & Co. LLC

SIOR Office Member Group &
SIOR Investment Member Group

Lost In Space: How the C-Suite can get their Employees back to the Office

Here’s a workplace hack to close those frozen deals. Office occupancy is back in the news as some big employers mandate a return to the office, but is this the best way?

Bridging the gap between employer and employee office attendance expectations is what CRUX Workplace do. Hear from David George on the tools and techniques that can be used to find the right level of occupancy that the C-suite and employees can agree upon, and the workplace design that supports them.

Click here to access the webinar slide deck.


Stanford Scriven, SIOR | Northwest Tenant Group


Matt Sultenfuss, SIOR | Avocat Group (Member Chair-Host)
David George | CRUX Workplace (SIOR Affiliate Member)

SIOR Tenant Rep Member Group

AI and ChatGPT with Rod Santomassimo

Rod Santomassimo of the Massimo Group provides a high-altitude overview of AI and ChatGPT to significantly increase your efficiency and ultimately grow your business and its potential applications for commercial real estate. Learn about the latest advancements in technology and how it can impact our industry.

The session covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities
  • Use cases for ChatGPT in commercial real estate
  • Practical applications of ChatGPT for your business
  • Q&A with Rod Santomassimo

Main Panelist:

Rod Santomassimo | The Massimo Group

SIOR Innovation and Tech Committee

Women of Influence in CRE

SIOR celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 by putting together a panel of SIORs and CRE leaders to discuss how women of influence can shape their organizations and the industry together.


Laurie Tylenda, SIOR | CBRE-Albany


Patricia Loveall, SIOR | CBRE
Jill Rasmussen, SIOR | Davis
Alison Beddard | Cushman & Wakefield
David Lockwood, SIOR | Colliers

SIOR Women's Member Group

Adding Value in a Bear Market

Are we heading into a downturn? That’s debatable. Will we be facing a down cycle someday? Guaranteed. Best be prepared.
This program is intended for our younger members – those who have spent their entire career in a bull market. A panel of veteran brokers who’ve been able to stay competitive during some of the worst downturns in recent history share strategies to stake out new opportunities when the market goes south.


Jim Caronna, SIOR | NAI KLNB
Frank Schulz, SIOR | The Klabin Company
Laurie Tylenda, SIOR | CBRE

SIOR Member Associate Group & SIOR Young Professionals Group

Groundhog Day: Is it 2008 all over again? The State of CRE Financing Today

This joint Investment & Office webinar explores the state of Commercial Real Estate today and how it compares to the 2008 market.


Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR | SVN


Ryan Norwood | Lument
Shawn Townsend | Blue Vista
D. J. Book | Wells Fargo

SIOR Investment Member Group & SIOR Office Member Group

Brokers Die Broke: Part 3 - Avoiding Landmines as you Start Investing and Partnering

Presented by the SIOR Investment Member Group, seasoned SIOR experts share common mistakes and general advice for commercial real estate professionals looking to participate in investment or hoping to expand their partner network.

SIOR Investment Member Group

Technology Tools for Tenant Reps

Presented by the SIOR Tenant Rep Member Group,  explore cutting edge tools that allow tenant reps to add more value and procure more business, including 10 apps you want to learn about.


Walt Batansky, SIOR | Avocat Group



Ryan Hartsell | Oxford Partners
Kurt Chisolm | LeaseUp
Roey Granot | Qbiq

Optimize Your Site Selection

Just when you thought you knew the ins and outs of site selection, we’re here to enlighten you further. This panel made up of the broker, civil engineer, geotechnical engineer, environmental engineer and general contractor perspectives will share valuable insights to make your site selection process more informed and cost effective and ultimately help you avoid costly site issues. Our experts will discuss frequently overlooked site considerations, the important questions to ask, and what consultants should be onboarded before the process begins.

Tom Jansen
Principal, Civil Engineering | Ware Malcomb (Moderator)
Chris Strawn
Principal, Civil Engineering | Ware Malcomb
Will Salters
Principal, Southeast Division | Terracon
Anthony Burnett
Senior Vice President, Site Selection | Colliers
Brian Gallagher
Vice President, Corporate Development | Graycor
Hosted by: Ware Malcomb

Brokers Die Broke: Part 2 - Wading in or Taking the Plunge - Building Net Worth Beyond the Next Deal

SIORs discuss creative strategies for investing for themselves. Experienced SIORs will discuss how to begin investing for yourself step-by-step, and cover the types of structures to initially consider doing that through. This is a follow up to the first Brokers Die Broke held in early 2022.

SIOR Investment Member Group

In Flux: The Turbid, Rising Interest Rate Tide of CRE Financing Today


Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR - SVN


Jordan Flanzraich - Citi
Jerry Dunn, CPA - A-10 Capital
Eugene Rutenberg -Electra Capital

SIOR Office Member Group

What Industry Leaders Hate About Brokers

Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR, of SVN Angelic in Austin and his longtime friend Dusten Estes, SVP of Originations at Stonemont Financial Group in Atlanta have a blunt but constructive conversation about the bad practices and cringeworthy missteps that can make the broker-client relationship go sour.

SIOR Member Associate Group
Gabriel Silverstein, SIOR
National Chair of Institutional Capital Markets
SVN Angelic
Dusten Estes
Senior Vice President of Originations
Stonemont Financial Group

CRE and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – we know it’s the next big thing, but what exactly is it and how is it changing the landscape of commercial real estate? Join the SIOR Young Professionals Group for a webinar featuring owner and president of Millennial Title, Chip Ridge. Explore the different types of cryptocurrency and hear from Chip about his experience in closing a deal for Bitcoin with this exciting and interactive virtual event.

SIOR Young Professionals Member Group
Chip Ridge
Owner & President
Millennial Title

Letters of Intent: The Art and the Science

Join attorneys Adele Stone of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC & Eric Rapkin of Akerman LLP as they explore the ins and outs of the LOI. Discover formatting best practices, setting boundaries with clients, and more.

SIOR Office Member Group
Adele Stone, Attorney
Chair, Real Estate Practice Group
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Eric Rapkin, Attorney
Chair, Real Estate Practice Group
Akerman LLP

Getting Your Foot in the Door with Developers: Member Associate Discussion

Join Kim Snyder, President, U.S. West Region at Prologis, and David Prior, SIOR, President of the The Klabin Company, for a discussion on strategies and best practices to win and maintain business with major developers.

SIOR Member Associate Member Group
Kim Snyder, President, U.S. West Region at Prologis

David Prior, SIOR, President, The Klabin Company

Brokers Die Broke: Building Net Worth Beyond the Next Deal

SIORs discuss creative strategies for investing for themselves. Expert investment brokers will cover the types of structures, how to begin investing for yourself, and how to structure a variety of investment deals.

SIOR Investment Member Group

The HYBRID Workplace

  • This webinar presented by GENSLER will uncover key design trends for the evolving workplace that can promote innovation, purpose-driven work, and inclusive, collaborative experiences in the hybrid future.
  • Gensler Research Institute insight combined with current client stories will be shared highlighting the investment strategies that are being prioritized as real estate decisions emerge.
  • The conversation focuses on how the workplace ecosystem is no longer just about the physical workplace, but instead an intelligent network that links place, culture, policy & technology.
SIOR Office Member Group
Jessica Maples, IIDA, LEED AP
Associate, GENSLER Washington DC-Workplace Designer

Stephanie Clements, CID, LEED AP ID+C
Senior Associate, GENSLER Washington DC-Tech Practice Area Lead

Recruiting and Retaining CRE Brokers and Staff. What's Working and What are Our Challenges?

  • Best places for recruiting (schools, other firms, other industries)
  • Looking at new talent pools? Different than pre-pandemic?
  • Best candidates - what's your ideal broker or staff avatar?
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Aptitude tests - which do you use and are they good predictors of success?
  • Do designations such as SIOR and CCIM have influence on the decision when you're considering broker candidates?
  • Competition among firms heating up?
  • Need to move quickly for high-quality candidates?
  • Broker compensation packages and signing bonuses - how do you structure broker comp?
  • Staff compensation, benefits, commission override for licensed assistants
  • Non-compete agreements - do you use them?
  • Flexibility in the COVID era and beyond - is allowing remote work full- or part-time efficient and effective? Is it a requirement now for recruiting?
  • Values and Mission Statements - how important are they to recruits?
SIOR Office Member Group
Moderated By:
Patti Dillon, SIOR, Senior Vice President, Colliers

Greg May, Executive Vice President & West Region Market Leader, Newmark
Jodie Poirier, Executive Managing Director – Greater Los Angeles Market, Colliers
Larry Richey, Regional Managing Principal – Florida, Cushman & Wakefield

Global Trade and Logistics with Dr. Walter Kemmsies

Remember that little SNAFU earlier this year that messed with international trade & cost billions in GDP? What about the Port of LA and the traffic jam? Join SIOR's International Member Group as they discuss the importance of ports and knock-on effects in Commercial Real Estate.

SIOR International Member Group

Investment Deal Share & Market Update Webinar
1031 Exchange – Will It Go Away?

As 1031 like-kind exchanges are being threatened, a group of experts discuss its importance and the risk of it going away, and how that might impact investment strategies, wealth preservation strategies, sales, refinancing, etc.

Supporting Documents
SIOR Investment Member Group

Construction Pricing and Supply Chain Challenges Threaten the Office Market

A discussion on construction pricing and supply chains across markets Discussion points include:

“Is cost inflation/supply constraints now baked into the office for both owners and tenants?”

  • Retro-fitting space rather than new construction
  • TIs are reduced as they become more expensive to provide
  • Reinstatement/”put right” obligations increase in cost
  • Some building trades become more expensive/hard to hire
  • BMS systems – replacement parts hard to secure because of chip shortage

How should these potential costs and delays be managed by the broker/architect/lawyer?

Join the SIOR Office Member Group to answer these questions and more during this informative and enlightening webinar as office experts share trends, tips, and predictions on the challenges that face the office sector.

SIOR Office Member Group

Build & Grow Your Professional Network, Through SIOR and Beyond

Networking is fundamental to the success of any real estate business – that much is obvious. But once you’ve built your professional network, what is the best way to maintain your connections long-term, until they turn into an opportunity that generates business and beyond?

Join the Member Associate Group and to answer this question on May 25th. We will be joined by SIOR President Elect Pat Sentner, who will provide his expert advice on how to build & sustain your professional network, by leveraging relationships both within SIOR and beyond.

This won't be a one-way conversation: come prepared to engage, ask questions, and share your own best practices for growing and maintaining your professional network.

SIOR Member Associate Program

Technology Tools to Better Your Business: RPR

In the latest installment of the SIOR Technology Committee’s virtual discussions on Technologies You can Use to Better Your Business, presenters will provide an overview and demonstration of how to utilize Realtors Property Resource to bring clients value and create efficiencies within your day-to-day business. Realtors Property Resource® delivers access to an all-encompassing nationwide real estate platform available exclusively to REALTORS® and SIOR Institute Affiliate Members, at no additional cost. From searching on and off-market properties, economic/demographic data, investment analysis and site selection tools, RPR truly is a platform that can elevate your commercial real estate business.

SIOR Technology Committee

Understanding Your Cyber Security and E&O Risks in Today’s New Normal

Join Axis Insurance Services and the SIOR Office Member Group for a virtual discussion and presentation on cyber security and E&O risks coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. EPLI and risks to employers as they bring their employees back to work will also be covered.

Sponsored by Axis Insurance Services
SIOR Office Member Group

SIOR Office Webinar: Office Leasing & Sales in the Face of the Pandemic: Learning from COVID-19

This presentation is a discussion with Louis Archambault, Esq., a board certified real estate transactional attorney and partner from national law firm Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP. Louis addresses office leasing and sale issues in the COVID-19 era, including lessons learned from the pandemic, what modifications or adjustments you should make going forward, and what Federal programs or guidelines will be recommended, required or available to affect your post-COVID-19 preparations.

Louis’s presentation is followed by a Q&A session where he is joined by tenant rep broker Grant Pruitt, SIOR and agency rep broker Patti Dillon, SIOR, to address viewer questions. From this discussion and thoughts, you will be better prepared to go into 2021 with a perspective of success for the opportunities and challenges of a post COVID-19 world.

Louis Archambault, Esq.
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP

Michael Feuerman, SIOR, Esq.
Berger Commercial Realty

Grant Pruitt, SIOR
Whitebox Real Estate LLC

Patti Dillon, SIOR
Colliers International

A Discussion on How the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Distributed

As vaccine manufacturers from around the world race to the finish line, there is a growing list of questions: namely when, where, and how will it happen? Who are the players and how will they collaborate? What are the challenges and what is required of facilities both in terms of location and function?

To answer these questions, the SIOR Industrial Member Group has invited Dmitry Dukhan, Vice President of Real Estate, Facilities & Supply Chain Optimization at Medline Industries (the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies with offices in 20 countries) for a discussion on the myriad of challenges facing distributors and developers as they race to meet the demand.

Dmitry Dukhan
Vice President of Real Estate, Facilities & Supply Chain Optimization
Medline Industries

Mastering Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Modern CRE Business Development

Commercial real estate has historically suffered from having too much data and a shortage of technology. In a time where the key to prospecting often lies in how data is utilized, how are teams in CRE supposed to set themselves up for long-term success?

Brought to you by Reonomy
Gabriella Yitzhaek
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Reonomy

Technology Tools to Better Your Business - Part 3

In the third installment of the SIOR Technology Committee’s virtual discussions on Technologies You Can Use to Better Your Business, presenters highlight more technologies your fellow SIOR colleagues are utilizing today to bring their clients value and create efficiencies within their day-to-day business.

SIOR Technology Committee

Technologies That Keep You and Your Clients Safe at Work

The Coronavirus has brought about many changes to commercial real estate in just a few short months. As we start to see the easing of lock downs, and the implementation of safe return-to-work protocols, everyone is now trying to guess what the future might hold. What will it be like to work in an office or industrial space for the rest of 2020 and in the years to come?

While certain office tenants have enjoyed the enforced remote working experiment, others are now fully engaged in getting their team back to their offices as quickly and as safely as possible. This Webinar aims to look at all of the technologies that are helping create the safest work environments for the people that need them. Lead Researcher for Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) James Scott presents.

James Scott
Lead Researcher
Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Economic Outlook for Commercial Real Estate

We live in a new world now. Just like after 9/11, life will change dramatically. The recovery will happen, but it will be uneven across the country.

In this webinar, Dr. Dotzour discussed the economic outlook for real estate investors and decision makers. Topics included investor demand for CRE and the outlook for cap rates and borrowing rates. Will the exploding debt result in higher rates of inflation? What signals are the stock and bond market providing? Dotzour's goal, as always, is to try to make sense of the complex moving parts that impact the commercial real estate market in the U.S.

Missed it? Take a listen now with this member-exclusive recording of the presentation.

Please Note: Access available for SIOR Members only. Online viewing only, not available for download.

Sponsored by SIOR Foundation
Dr. Mark Dotzour
MySIOR Login Required

Repositioning for Re-Opening

Join Rod Santomassimo, founder of the Massimo Group—North America's premier commercial real estate brokerage coaching organization—as he shares strategies for securing new clients in this ever-changing environment and what to do when the client can’t transact. Are you best positioned for being a leading advisor in your market as we continue to re-open?

Sponsored By SIOR Foundation
SIOR Office Member Group

Investment Market Update & DealShare Webinar - June 16

SIOR's second DealShare included investment market updates from the office, industrial, finance, private capital, and auction sectors. Additionally,  new investment opportunities were presented by several SIOR members. 

SIOR Investment Member Steering Group

Technology Tools to Better Your Business - Part 2

In the second installment of the SIOR Technology Committee’s virtual discussions on Technologies You Can Use to Better Your Business, presenters highlight existing technologies your fellow SIOR colleagues are utilizing today to bring their clients more value and create efficiencies within their day-to-day business.

SIOR Technology Committee

Technology Tools to Better Your Business - Part 1

During these trying times, the SIOR Technology Committee will highlight existing technologies your fellow SIOR colleagues are utilizing today to bring their clients more value and create efficiencies within their day-to-day business.

SIOR Technology Committee

Investment DealShare Webinar Feb. 20

Looking for investment opportunities in your area? The SIOR Investment Member Steering Group has launched a new webinar series, DealShare, focused on highlighting opportunities for investment across the country. Listen in and discover new opportunities available, as multiple properties are showcased were discussed. All properties are at least $3,000,000+ and are at least 50% occupied.

SIOR Investment Member Steering Group
Moderated By:
Ian Grusd, Ten-X

Distribution & Fulfillment Center Location Optimization: What’s Up in the Marketplace!

explore how the management consulting world is impacting your industrial real estate planning and leasing efforts – and some hints on how to win against the competition – from internationally renowned speaker and writer, Robert Hess. With over 30 years of experience working within the supply chain sector, Bob will share lessons he’s learned and how you can be one step ahead in the ever-changing industry of e-commerce fulfillment.

Robert Hess
Vice Chairman
Newmark Knight Frank's Global Corporate Services

The Changing Dynamic of a Commercial Real Estate Broker's Office

What will a commercial real estate broker's office look like in the future? With so many tools and products with artificial intelligence capabilities hitting the market, what are these new tools and products that are helping brokers achieve more sales in the marketplace today? This webinar looks at the technologies that are saving commercial real estate brokers time and money and giving brokers the ability to leverage the power of existing relationships. Presenter: James Scott, lead researcher at the Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

James Scott
Lead Researcher
Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Strategies for Structuring Triple Net (NNN) Investments

What are the key strategies for selecting and structuring Triple Net (NNN) transactions? How do you recognize the inherent risks of various types of these leased properties? Michael Houge, SIOR, brings years of experience with NNN transactions and will guide you through the following:

  • How Net is Net?
  • Issues/Clauses That Define a NNN Lease.
  • Risks vs. Opportunities in Various Net Leases
  • Risks with Dollar Stores/Rural Locations
  • Restaurant Property Particulars
  • "Generic" Real Estate vs. Specialized Properties
  • Avoiding "landmines"
Michael Houge, SIOR
Managing Director
NAI Legacy

Analysis to Opportunity: The Role of Data in CRE

How is technology impacting the world of commercial real estate and how can it be used to develop new opportunities? Join James Scott from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab as he provides insight into the data platforms available today and highlight the Big Data companies starting to establish footholds in the marketplace. While Big Data has been slow to make an impact in the built environment—unlike the world of finance or retail—products and platforms are now getting the investment needed to make them a reality, resulting in measurable success for their customers.

James Scott
Lead Researcher
Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Investment Market Update

Join the SIOR Investment Member Group and Jim Costello, Senior Vice President at Real Capital Analytics, for an investment market update. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Volume and price changes by sector
  • Rising interest rates and the effect on cap rates
  • How you can use RCA to identify opportunities and benefits for your investment strategy


Jim Costello
Senior Vice President
Real Capital Analytics

A Technology Toolkit for SIOR Brokers

As more and more of our members are embracing new technologies into their business our brokers now have to decide what are the best software packages that make sense for their specific needs. Traditional real estate brokers may even be avoiding the use of technology that is beneficial to their business because they don’t have the time to evaluate the different products on the market. It can be a daunting task trying to evaluate all of these new software packages and trying to figure out whether they will make the desired difference to your business.

To help find the best tools for our members, James Scott from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab highlights some of the top real estate software tools on the market today. James focuses specifically on tools that focus on Customer Relationship Management, Marketing and Listing software. He provides options for both small broker teams as well as large multi-broker shops.

James Scott
Lead Researcher
Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Pitfalls & Opportunities for Investing in Facilities with Marijuana Tenants

This webinar covers the pitfalls and opportunities of investing in facilities with marijuana tenants. This webinar will discuss:

  • Return expectations and exit strategies
  • Liability of owning a building with a marijuana tenant
  • Financing - are there banks that will finance
  • How to handle the rent if banks will not let you deposit money from a marijuana tenant
  • Risks at the tenant level - are there segments of the industry that are more or less risky (growers, processors, dispensaries)
  • Are there national developers or national tenants in this industry?
  • Types of facilities users are looking for, specialized new builds or older low ceiling warehouses?
  • How to benefit from the marijuana industry without a direct investment


Tax Reform Benefits for Commercial Real Estate Investors and Brokers

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the most significant change to the IRS code in decades. The law reduces tax rates for both individuals and corporations. Not only will US corporations benefit from tax savings, but the bill also contains numerous tax breaks for commercial real estate. Watch this webinar to learn how this tax reform impacts you and your clients.

The Autonomous Future of Real Estate

For the last 30 years we have been warned that machines would take over the world. While Terminator plots aren’t in effect currently, we are seeing a major shift in how business is conducted and a new wave of automation is now impacting every corner of world.

Most real estate professionals are surrounded by buzzwords such as machine learning, Big Data, block chain and deep learning yet many don’t know what these are or how they can and will affect them in the future. The list goes on and more often than not, real estate brokers are quite astonished when they hear these future possibilities, because they haven’t thought about them. This Webinar is for all real estate professional who want to understand these new disruptive technologies better and to learn about some of the basic ways automation will alter the world of real property in the near future.

James Scott from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab discusses why automation is suddenly becoming so important, how and why automation is now impacting the commercial real estate industry, and where we can start seeing the biggest changes. He illustrates why these changes are suddenly become so important, explains how the marketplace will be changing in the next 5-10 years and highlights how you can help guide clients through these changes.

James Scott
Lead Researcher
Real Estate Innovation Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)