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A Message from the President

By: Patricia J. Loveall, SIOR

As my SIOR Global President term comes to a close, I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown. In many ways, the role has been exactly as I anticipated — ambitious yet inspiring, and extremely rewarding at every turn. At the same time, I’ve experienced moments I could never have predicted, especially concerning SIOR members and their dedication to their chapters. A few noteworthy experiences: the Pittsburgh Western Pennsylvania Chapter honoring corporate CEOs who have impacted the community and real estate industry; the Canada Central Chapter recognizing an emerging SIOR leader and seasoned SIORs for their excellence and community involvement; the St. Louis Chapter for a beautifully-orchestrated Metro Market update; our largest chapter, Florida, for their commitment to overcoming geographical challenges while continuing to host incredible biannual chapter meetings; and lastly, the commitment of all volunteer leadership who promote strategic growth and bring meaningful regional events to our members across North America and Europe. I am thankful to have witnessed all those pivotal moments.

Perhaps the most fulfilling moment was witnessing the incoming leadership take the stage in Montreal — it was truly emotional to watch a brighter future unfold in front of my eyes, one of unique perspectives and ceaseless innovation. I look forward to seeing our diverse group of new officers inducted next month at the Fall 2023 Event in Chicago. Now more than ever, SIOR is an organization that is constantly in motion, racing towards a future of endless possibilities. We are always moving forward.

Throughout my four decades in this industry, I have always been passionate about mentoring that next generation, especially when it comes to young women who are curiously venturing into the world of commercial real estate. In the past year, I have been immensely proud to share this sentiment with our exceptional organization and the wider community. It has been invigorating to channel my experience, advice, and commitment to fostering inclusivity in commercial real estate. I feel propelled by this industry’s ability to continuously innovate and enlighten.

Speaking of innovation, I encourage everyone — whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned professional — to deep dive into this issue of the SIOR Report. Packed with topical advice and insightful discussions, you will find everything from small-town brokerage tips and tenant improvements to the latest buzz in technological advancements, such as the intricacies of EV manufacturing. Let this magazine serve as another valuable resource in your broker toolbox, fueling continued success in all that you endeavor.

Though I am sad that my journey as President has reached its destination, I am excited to welcome David Lockwood, SIOR, into this role. I am certain that he will lead with enthusiasm, confidence, and the loyalty of a good friend who always has your back.

A huge thank you to all who made this year an unforgettable one. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow leaders on the Board of Directors, both incoming and outgoing — Your unwavering dedication and countless hours invested in driving this organization towards new heights are truly inspiring. And finally, thank you to the endless efforts of all who make up this organization — designees, member associates, affiliates, sponsors, partners, and colleagues. Together, we will continue to shape the landscape of the commercial real estate industry and inspire generations to come.


Patricia Loveall, SIOR
SIOR Global President


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Alexis Fermanis SIOR Director of Communications
Patricia J. Loveall, SIOR
Patricia J. Loveall, SIOR

Patricia Loveall, SIOR, is executive vice president at CBRE, an industrial specialist, and 2022-2023 SIOR Global President.