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A Message from the President

By: David Lockwood, SIOR

Greetings SIORs! I’m so excited to be starting my term as your newly appointed SIOR Global President. SIOR has been an integral part of my career for the past 33 years, and it's a real privilege to serve you this coming year.

I'm still riding high from SIOR's Fall Event in Chicago this past October — a remarkable gathering of 1,132 attendees that marked the second-largest conference in the last 25 years! It was extra special when I got to meet my alma mater mascot, The Clemson Tiger, in person! SIOR truly is family to me, and that experience was something I’ll cherish forever. The energy surrounding the entire conference was palpable. My heartfelt thanks go out to our sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, attendees, and the fantastic HQ team for putting together another outstanding SIOR event!

Speaking of energy, the enthusiasm surrounding SIOR is truly electrifying, and I can’t wait to watch the excitement continue to grow. SIOR's global expansion knows no bounds, transcending age, nationality, gender, and background. Our Board of Directors is now more diverse than ever — These newfound perspectives and fresh insights will chart an incredible course for the future, where the possibilities are endless and a brilliant future awaits.

As we venture into the coming year, I want to express my deepest appreciation to my predecessor, Patricia Loveall, SIOR, for guiding SIOR through an incredibly innovative period with unwavering enthusiasm that now propels me forward.

In line with our commitment to elevating the CRE industry, I'm as enthusiastic as ever to share SIOR's knowledge and insights with the wider world. In this edition of the SIOR Report, you'll discover the latest discussions on the ever-evolving landscape of Commercial Real Estate, including the impact of rising capital and interest rates on office and industrial markets, as well as cutting-edge insights on ESG, outdoor storage, and more!

With an already fantastic beginning in Chicago, I'm eagerly anticipating the thrilling path that stretches out before us, and the incredible memories we're bound to create. Here's to wrapping up 2023 on a high note and embracing an even brighter 2024! “No shine without the grind,” but it’s painless when working hard with people I adore!


David Lockwood, SIOR
SIOR Global President


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David Lockwood, SIOR
David Lockwood, SIOR
Colliers International

David Lockwood is an Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer of Colliers International in South Carolina. His primary areas of expertise include brokerage management with a concentration on developing business for the firm.