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  • Market Trends & Analysis

SIORs weigh in with their predictions for CRE in 2024, touching on office trends, the future of industrial, and shifts in the investment sales market.

  • Business Practices

Brokerages can help brokers improve their mental health and relieve stress through a variety of initiatives, policies, and activities, supplementing the efforts brokers may undertake on their own.

  • Technology & Innovation

AI is a powerful tool that can help businesses increase efficiencies, boost productivity, and lower costs. But can the data be trusted? Experts weigh in on the shortcomings of the technology. 

  • Technology & Innovation

Cool tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems mismatched with a national grid system that has one foot in ancient history. That seems about to change.

  • I & O

Demolition is only one of many options for vacant office buildings; in many cases, redesign and repurposing present valuable opportunities for brokers and their clients.

  • Business Practices

Knowing your client means knowing their needs. Personalize your sales pitches to get your deal over the plate.