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Our Mission and Purpose


To inspire the industrial and office real estate industry by connecting people, knowledge, markets, and opportunities, globally.


Recognized as the standard of excellence in industrial and office real estate.


The SIOR Bylaws set the objectives for the organization and provide governance direction and oversight. View the SIOR Bylaws

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics sets forth principles that help to support SIOR’s mission. All Active SIOR members (Adherents) are bound by the Code in their business dealings and relationships with their customers, clients, and colleagues. View the SIOR Code of Ethics.

Anyone who believes that an SIOR member may have violated the Code may notify SIOR, which will process any complaint that it receives in accordance with its policies and procedures.

Click here to view the SIOR Ethics, Mediation & Arbitration Procedures Manual, which sets forth procedures for ethics enforcement and financial dispute resolution.

Any SIOR member who believes that an applicant should be refused admission to SIOR because of ethical misconduct may file an Ethics Complaint with the Professional Standards Committee by completing the Application Ethics Complaint Filing Form document. 

DEI Commitment Statement

SIOR has established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Commitment Statement that addresses SIOR's pledge to building an equitable culture that respects and celebrates diversity in the workforce and industry.  View the DEI Commitment Statement.

Code of Conduct

In addition to its professional Code of Ethics, SIOR has established an anti-harassment policy and standards for personal conduct. View the Code of Conduct (PDF).

Antitrust Policy

SIOR has established an antitrust policy (PDF) to ensure the organization's activities do not result in members reaching potentially unlawful agreements.

Generative AI Policy

SIOR has established a Generative AI Policy to outline guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence to perform work and to emphasize the importance of individual author responsibility in all AI-generated outputs.

Policy Manual

SIOR's policy manual is available to our membership here at mysior.com (login required)

2022-2027 Strategic Plan: Initiatives

1. Establish a Renewed Energy & Visbility

Our culture, reputation, and related efforts to drive retention and growth rely on 1) who we are as a membership group and 2) our visibility in the marketplace. The focus will be centered on maintaining the SIOR brand of excellence within the industry.

2. Alignment & Diversity in Membership

Diligently driving alignment in industrial and office, while attracting the next generation of leaders and expanding diversity within our ranks. Alignment in membership should also include attracting the next generation of designees through the growth and cultivation of the member associate program.

3. Enhance the Customer & Stakeholder Experience

Evaluating the “customer’s” journey, using data, analytics, and developing a more robust service mindset to drive how we operate, member interactions, and delivery of those specific resources that exceed expectations. At the core of this is considering how we approach every industry interaction and what that experience looks like.

4. Being a True Global Organization

Acting like a global organization leads to becoming a global organization. Solving for our growth internationally, ensuring we speak as a global organization, and driving it into our DNA and how we look/feel to the broader industry will make SIOR a truly global organization.

5. Raising the Bar

Establishing a new precedent for what excellence looks like in the industrial and office marketplace by increasing the benchmark to become an SIOR designee. Continuing to define best in class in everything we produce and deliver as an organization.